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Guidance and resources for BFC providers

This page provides guidance and resources for providers of Building Financial Capability (BFC) services.

Service Guidelines

Services must be delivered in accordance with the BFC and BFC Plus Service Guidelines.

Reporting results

Providers now use one of two reporting options:

  • Enter relevant data into Client Voices (the preferred method) OR
  • Report using an MSD-provided Reporting Template (an Excel spreadsheet.)

No client data will be shared to MSD.

The Reporting Spreadsheet and some training notes are available to download here-

Narrative reports

Provider narrative reports have been replaced with a quarterly questionnaire. The first of these online questionnaires was completed October 2021.

A summary of the first quarter results is available to download here:

Quarterly feedback reports

Providers will be able to check the data they send to MSD with these reports. These are now delayed due to COVID-19 impacts on reporting. Reports will now be sent to providers and their regional relationship managers after the December reporting round.

Client outcomes measurement

There are two new ways to measure BFC clients' outcomes:

  • Client-led Outcomes
  • Wellbeing - Hauora reflection

Both are mandatory for all BFC providers. The only non-mandatory component is the Client Satisfaction Net Promoter Score in the Wellbeing - Hauora reflection, as this is primarily for Providers’ use.

Client Voices is the preferred method to administer the questions to clients; forms are also available for BFC providers to download:

Using the tools

Our recommendations on working with BFC clients using the new methods:

Training resource

The training sections from the BFC Services Guidelines are available here in a handy shorter file.

Client outcomes measurement Hui, June 2021

Two training hui for BFC Providers provided an overview of the new methods, followed by Q&A sessions.

Financial Plan of Action resources

The Financial Plan of Action is a resource for clients, their families and whānau to document their goals, supported, where necessary, by a financial mentor.

It is available in two formats, you can print these off yourself or you can order supplies of the printed versions free of charge through the Te Papa Hou ordering system.

The A4 version can be printed as a booklet; the A3 version shows the plan at a glance on two large sheets.

Editable versions of the Financial Plan of Action

Clients (or providers) can insert text, pictures or symbols using these files.

Financial Plan of Action guidelines

There is also a guide to support financial mentors with their work with clients on the Financial Plan of Action.

MoneyMates resources

MoneyMates is a peer-led support programme based around the concept of sharing and learning together as a group.

Providers should use the MoneyMates guide for facilitators. This outlines the consistent approach expected and provides ten modules of resources. Material from other sources may be used if the group agrees.

Download the MoneyMates guide

For faster download, the components of the guide are also available:

Editable MoneyMates posters and flyers

Providers can use these to advertise MoneyMates in their communities.

There are two types – A4 posters and A5 flyers. The wording can be easily changed to suit local providers.

MoneyMates A5 flyer
MoneyMates A4 poster

Marketing resources

Editable BFC posters and flyers

Customise these editable posters and flyers to tell local communities about financial mentors and BFC services.

BFC services (including financial mentors)

BFC A5 Flyer
BFC A4 Poster

Hui for BFC providers

The most recent Zoom hui, or ‘Zui’, for BFC providers were held in May and June 2021 to discuss BFC Core contract changes and other relevant items. Notes of the proceedings and attendees' Questions + Answers are available here.

Your feedback

We are always keen to hear your feedback about these resources – please email us

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