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Guidance and resources for BFC providers

This page provides guidance and resources for providers of Building Financial Capability (BFC) services.

BFC Service Guidelines

The BFC Service Guidelines are for the providers that the Ministry of Social Development contracts with to provide BFC services.

Outcome Agreements with providers for BFC services require that they are delivered in accordance with these guidelines. These guidelines form part of the Outcome Agreement.

BFC Results Measurement Framework

The BFC Results Measurement Framework is aligned to the Community Investment Strategy. It is a measurement system that provides a clear line of sight from results that providers achieve with their clients, to the Better Public Service targets for which MSD is responsible.

BFC Client Outcomes Measurement Tool

The Client Outcomes Measurement Tool enables standardised and consistent tracking of client results in line with the BFC Results Measurement Framework, so that we can measure ‘apples and pears’, and so providers and MSD can continuously improve BFC services to clients. As a result, this tool should be the ‘default’ feedback form for BFC providers.

A Provider Guide gives guidance on how to use the tool, including FAQs and suggested scripts for using the tool in every session with clients.

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