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The Financial Plan of Action

The Financial Plan of Action (FPoA) is a resource for clients, their families and whānau to document their goals, supported, where necessary, by a financial mentor.

It is a simple, paper-based document that is easy to update and keep front of mind. With the support of a financial mentor, the Financial Plan of Action helps people to:

  • share their aspirations, to understand what they need to achieve the change they want
  • build financial capability and resilience
  • identify their strengths and what has worked for them in the past
  • view challenges as opportunities, not obstacles

Who is it for?

The Financial Plan of Action is for BFC provider's clients and their families and whānau.

It is designed to be accessible and relevant for the diverse range of people in hardship that use BFC services. This includes Māori, Pacific, people with English as a second language or low-literacy and people with disabilities.

Get the Financial Plan of Action

To provide flexibility, the plan is available in two formats. Both are available electronically or printed on paper. Providers can order supplies of the printed versions free of charge through the Te Papa Hou ordering system.

The A4 version can be printed and stapled or bound as a booklet, allowing page-by-page completion. Alternatively, the A3 version shows the plan at a glance on two large sheets.

Editable versions of the Financial Plan of Action

We now have updated versions of the FPoA in both A3 format and A4 Booklet format, thanks to your feedback.

These versions include the ability for clients (or providers) to insert pictures / symbols as well as text into the electronic format.

Resources for financial mentors

Financial mentors are supported with a detailed guide to assist their work with their clients on the FPoAs.

Your feedback

We are always keen to hear your feedback about these resources – please email us.

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