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Seniors / Ko ngā Kaumātua

We're here to support people as they age, to be happy, healthy and valued.

The Ministry of Social Development's Senior Services

The Ministry of Social Development offers a number of different services for seniors. This is a comprehensive resource to describe these services and provide you with appropriate contact information.

New Zealand Superannuation and Veteran's Pension

Approaching 65?

You may be eligible for New Zealand Superannuation (NZ Super) or Veteran's Pension when you turn 65.

Overseas pensions

If you can get a pension or benefit from another country, find out what you need to do.

Extra help and financial support

There is additional support available to help with your health, help you at home and keep you safe. If you're a caregiver, there is also financial support available. Most of this information is located on the Work and Income website.

Office for Seniors 

The Office for Seniors:

  • liaises with the Seniors sector
  • provides information to government and non-government agencies on issues affecting Seniors
  • promotes and monitors the Positive Ageing Strategy
  • provides services to the Minister for Seniors.

For information, visit the:

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Like Office for Seniors on Facebook

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