What we can do for

What we do

Our business is helping people to help themselves and be successful in their lives.

For us, that means looking at a person’s life and the barriers holding them back – problems with income, housing, ill health, childcare and transport. We then wrap a range of services and support around them to meet their immediate needs and put them on the path to a positive future.

We’re helping thousands of New Zealanders everyday to become:

Self reliant individuals who can meet their own needs.

Resilient families that know how to look after themselves.

Engaged young adults who are able to reach their potential.

Informed students who make sound decisions about their study and go on to contribute to New Zealand’s wellbeing.

Healthy and independent senior citizens who take an active part in their communities.

Empowered disabled New Zealanders who feel valued and encouraged to contribute to daily life.

Strong communities that have the resources and skills to support New Zealand families.