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30 November 2018

New research funded by the Ministry of Social Development’s Children and Families Research Fund has revealed for the first time whether families in New Zealand are meeting national food and nutrition guidelines when feeding infants under one year of age.

12 November 2018

The Government has announced the final Terms of Reference for the renamed Royal Commission of Inquiry into Historical Abuse in State Care and in the Care of Faith-based Institutions. The new name reflects an extension of scope as the result of public feedback, including to schools, faith-based institutions and some health and disability facilities.

25 October 2018

The new Social Security Act 2018 came into effect on 26 November 2018. It doesn't change anyone’s benefits or entitlements and it makes the legislation clearer and simpler to follow.

1 October 2018

With the launch of the new Ministry of Housing and Urban Development today, the Ministry of Social Development retains its core role of helping those in need of accommodation or housing, says chief executive Brendan Boyle.