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Financial mentors

We have reframed budget advisors as financial mentors to take into account the complexity of people's needs and to recognise the fact that many advisors provided more than budget advice alone.

Financial mentors focus on empowering people and making connections with a range of social services to ensure people get the right support.

Financial mentors:

  • are empathetic, have cultural understanding and experience, and are able to coach and empower people, and be open-minded
  • use the new Financial Plan of Action to develop a focused plan that will suit the person and their situation/whānau
  • take a strengths-based approach to reduce the cycle of crisis where possible
  • use clear lines of communication and feedback loops with Work and Income for continuous improvement
  • use other relationships and networks in the social sector to support their work to ensure people get the right support at the right time (for example, mental health, addictions, housing, etc.)
  • support and empower people to navigate the system to negotiate reduced payments or generate additional resources
  • assess whether the support should be one-on-one, or group/peer-led support.
Blended Family
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