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FinCap - the national entity for the BFC sector


FinCap (the National Building Financial Capability Charitable Trust) is the national entity that supports the Building Financial Capability (BFC) and budgeting sector.

FinCap provides a range of support functions to BFC and budgeting providers and is a sector voice to communicate advice and insights to government and others.

MSD’s contract with FinCap

FinCap has been contracted by MSD for $950,000 per annum to provide eight core activities from 1 July 2017 for five years.

The eight core activities are:

  • workforce development, frameworks and training delivery to induct and up-skill financial mentors and boost service and governance standards in the BFC sector
  • quality assurance standards and support
  • access to shared technology platforms and analysis, and sharing of information and data to enable BFC sector providers to better capture, understand and evidence the value of their interventions
  • accords and strategic partnerships to increase cross sector collaboration with the aim of supporting clients of BFC sector providers. Partnerships/accords include, but are not limited to, government, financial institutions and other third parties
  • organisational support for BFC/budgeting services. Including the provision of information (Panui, website, social media) and common services (e.g. indemnity insurance, the MoneyTalks helpline and related services)
  • Communities of Practice meetings to develop collaboration between local budgeting services, with the aim of promoting continuous improvement throughout the sector, and
  • a shared sector voice including advocacy and engagement with government and media.

Find out more about FinCap

You can find out more about FinCap's work on its website.

FinCap provides regular Panui and a wide range of information on its programmes and services. Visit Te Papa Hou, FinCap’s knowledgebase of information and resources for financial mentors and services.

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