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Funding allocation model for sexual violence services

Following the Budget announcement in 2016, MSD has been working closely with providers to further develop crisis support services.

This work has involved the development of a funding allocation model to ensure that there is a consistent and strategic approach to the distribution of funding across the country.

The funding allocation model has been developed using a social investment approach. It is based on three key principles:

  • using a client-centric approach – understanding who clients are and where they are located
  • using an evidence-based approach – using 50+ datasets to build the model
  • applying specialist knowledge and expertise to the data.

The model’s four steps

To ensure a robust approach, the model comprises four steps:

  • needs analysis
  • demand for existing services
  • sustainability of providers
  • regional knowledge and expertise

The approach was tested with the Sexual Violence Cross Agency Working Group and the Ministry’s local Community Investment Advisors. The modelling aims to ensure clients of equivalent need profiles are able to access services across New Zealand.

Further information on the development of the model can be found in Part 4 of the Service Development consultation document (pages 26-29).

Application of the allocation model

The aim of the model is to ensure nationwide coverage of services, whilst also targeting areas of high need.

Funding is being offered to providers through two streams:

  • new three-year contracts to providers currently contracted by the Ministry to deliver sexual violence crisis services
  • an open competitive tender process to fill identified geographic gaps in delivery of crisis support services.

For services to be sustainable and meet the service requirements, a minimum level of $80,000 per provider has been set to reflect the cost of one FTE plus overheads.

Providers in areas of higher identified need can receive more funding than the minimum. In areas where there are multiple existing providers operating, the allocated funding has been distributed amongst those current providers.

Increases have been spread as evenly as possible across the three years and temporary decreases in funding have been avoided in all cases.

By 2019/20, the funding will align to the allocation model for both current providers for the gaps funding.

Breakdown of funding

Information is available to show how the Government’s investment of $46 million is being distributed across the sexual violence sector over the next four years.

Review of the allocation model

MSD is committed to further building and developing the service guidelines that have been developed for the crisis support services.

Over the three-year period we are working to have stronger and more effective alignment of outcomes and reporting, and to gain a better understanding of the services and how we contract for them.

This will include reviewing the funding allocation model.

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