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Policy development

Developing policy

The policy group is the government’s principal provider of policy and social sector advice.

Safeguarding our children

The Ministry of Social Development has been asked to review the independent oversight systems in place that respond to the needs of all children and young people, and those in the care and protection and the youth justice systems.

Disabled children voluntary out-of-home placement review

We wish to hear from disabled children, their families/whānau, those who support them, and people with an interest in the review about how voluntary out-of-home placements can be improved

The New Zealand Carers' Strategy and Five-year Action Plan

New Zealand Aotearoa is a society that values individuals, families, whanau or aiga who support others who need help with their everyday living.

Updating the Children, Young Persons, and Their Families Act 1989

The Act introduced major changes to the way decsions were made about children and young people who were victims of abuse and neglect or who broke the law, and placed NZ at the forefront of international legislative best practice.

Working for families

Working for Families is a government package that is putting more money in the pockets of New Zealand’s low-and-middle income families with children, and making work pay for parents who move off benefit into work.

OSCAR Consultation

The Ministry of Social Development consulted with OSCAR representatives to gather feedback about the potential impact of proposed changes to the OSCAR standards and funding.

A kid holding a basket of eggs.
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