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Ministry of Social Development - housing and support services

Increasing public housing and support for people in need to build better lives.

Housing is a basic human right. Every person deserves a safe and healthy place to live.

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) is working with the housing sector and other agencies to:

  • make sure people in need can access housing and support services for as long as they need it
  • improve the quality and supply of public housing in the right places, including transitional housing
  • improve data, research, technology and processes to deliver better outcomes for people in need.

Work with us to deliver public housing

We partner with housing providers, developers, Housing New Zealand, councils and others in the housing sector.

Together, our goal is to create more housing for people in need, as well as services (such as Housing First) for people who need housing support.

Public housing overview

Public housing overview

Housing provides a stable base for people in need. Along with the right support, public housing allows people to build better lives.

Demand for public housing

Read more about housing demand and the Social Housing Register

Demand for housing across New Zealand is growing and more people find themselves experiencing a severe and immediate need.

More housing for people in need

Read more about the Purchasing Strategy and how we are working to increase supply

MSD is working with the housing sector to increase the supply of public housing and deliver support services to meet peoples' diverse needs.

Transitional and emergency housing

Transitional and emergency housing

New Zealand needs more houses of all types. While more public housing is developed, MSD is helping provide more short-term, transitional housing and support for people with nowhere to live, while they look for long-term housing.

Housing and support initiatives

Read more about the housing and support initiatives

Homelessness is often connected with complex issues in a person's life. A range of housing and support initiatives are in place to end homelessness and help people stay safely housed.

Supporting people in the housing market

Supporting people in the housing market

MSD and other agencies provide support and a range of products to help people rent in the private market or purchase their own home.