Lead Toolkit

Lead programme of work

With disabled people making up nearly a quarter of the working aged population in New Zealand, employers have the opportunity to tap into a pool of people who can make valuable contributions to our workplaces.

The Lead programme of work is designed to support leaders, managers and human resource professionals to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for disabled people.

Here you can read the toolkit and additional resources.

Lead Toolkit: A guide for employing disabled people

A resource that outlines the business case for employing disabled people, a 5-step plan for the leadership team, information for management and human resource teams about the employment cycle, and advice for managers about engaging with disabled employees, including reasonable accommodation.

We Enable Us network

As part of delivering the Lead programme of work, the We Enable Us network supports the public sector to engage meaningfully with its disabled employees and encourages inclusive workplaces.

Information and support for employing disabled people

A central repository by topic with additional resources about employing disabled employees and creating inclusive workplaces.

Lead Toolkit
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