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Using personal information responsibly

We are being more open and transparent about how we use clients’ information

We use people’s personal information in almost everything we do as a Ministry. As an organisation we have made a commitment to our clients to respect their privacy and to be clear about how we use and share their information.

We have developed a client facing Privacy Notice to tell them about what we do with their personal information. See the Privacy Notice on the Work and Income website.

The notice includes two case studies about our use of predictive modelling.

The Privacy, Human Rights and Ethics Framework

The ability to get greater value from our data relies on people being aware of, and comfortable with, how we use information. We take people’s privacy seriously and our aim is to continually improve our approach to responsibly use and safeguard personal information. The Privacy, Human Rights and Ethics framework (PHRaE) is one of these initiatives.

The PHRaE helps ensure MSD acts responsibly by assessing the privacy, human rights and ethical impacts of using personal information to develop new services.

The PHRaE is a set of materials including an interactive tool with built in guidance and a team of specialists. This team will work alongside project teams to supplement their use of the materials and facilitate discussions to ensure privacy, human rights and ethics are adequately considered in design.

The PHRaE is a structured way of asking the right questions to make sure that we take into account privacy, human rights, and ethics from the very beginning of designing new services that are using personal information. This enables PHRaE risks to be designed out rather than risk being a barrier to implementation (or having to be accepted).

business people
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