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Development of specialist sexual violence services

MSD is leading the workstream to develop specialist sexual violence services to better support victims and prevent sexual violence.

This work is being funded by Budget 2016 which provided $46 million to maintain existing services in the short term and to develop and implement services for the long term.

This investment aims to create a more sustainable and integrated national system of services to ensure more people get what they need at the right time.

Strengthening support for the sexual violence sector

We are working with the sexual violence sector to strengthen the support for the sector at a national level. This will help ensure that providers are well-supported to respond to the needs of people affected by sexual violence.

Sexual Violence Crisis Support Services

Development and implementation of sexual violence crisis support services. This will include:

  • support for advocacy and support (callout)
  • emergency face-to-face sessions (including crisis counselling)
  • crisis social work support.

National Sexual Harm Helpline

Development and implementation of a new national sexual harm helpline accessible via phone and internet.

Harmful Sexual Behaviour Services

Development and implementation of services for non-mandated adults who have engaged in concerning or harmful sexual behaviour.

Services for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Development and implementation of support services for male survivors of sexual abuse within an integrated service systems approach.