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Specialist sexual violence services

MSD funds a range of specialist sexual violence services to better support victims/survivors and prevent sexual violence.

This work is being funded by investment made in Budget 2016 and 2019. Budget 2019 has provided a further $90.3 million over four years to provide sustainable ongoing funding to existing services as well as develop new services and initiatives.

This investment aims to create a more sustainable and integrated national system of services to ensure more people get what they need at the right time.

In 2019/20 the focus of the funding will be to ensure service continuity for victims/survivors and perpetrators of sexual violence. During this time, we will work closely with the sexual violence sector and other key stakeholders to determine how best to develop, procure and contract sexual violence services in the future. We will let you know about opportunities to be involved in this work via our Family Violence and Sexual Violence Service Provider Update.

Sexual Harm Crisis Support Services

Crisis support services are specialist sexual harm crisis interventions that operate from an indigenous worldview, are culturally effective and based on established principles of good practice.

Services include:

  • advocacy and support (including callout)
  • emergency face-to-face sessions (including crisis counselling)
  • crisis social work support.

Services for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Support services for male survivors of sexual abuse are a specialist sexual violence service aimed at enabling the long-term recovery and wellbeing of male survivors of sexual abuse.

This is done through the provision of:

  • case planning and information to male survivors of sexual abuse and their families/whānau/support network, and
  • peer support services to adult male survivors of sexual abuse.

Harmful Sexual Behaviour Services

Harmful sexual behaviour services are specialist behaviour change interventions. The services are part of a broader suite of sexual violence support services that aim to support adult victims/survivors, address perpetrators’ harmful behaviour and reduce violent crime.

National Sexual Harm Helpline

Safe to talk – Kōrero mai ka ora, a national sexual harm helpline, provides nationwide 24/7 access to free confidential information and support to people affected by sexual harm in any way.

Other work to strengthen sexual violence services

Alongside the work to develop and support the specialist sexual violence services funded by MSD, there is other work underway to ensure that we are learning about what’s working to continue to strengthen services.