Accessibility Charter

The Accessibility Charter: A commitment to accessible information.

The Ministry of Social Development is delivering a programme of work to ensure the public sector is accessible for everyone and inclusive of disabled people.

The programme is delivered across central and local government, including core public sector agencies, Crown entities, District Health Board’s (DHBs), and local authorities.

Endorsing a commitment

The first step in the programme is for organisations to endorse their commitment to providing accessible information.

To endorse its commitment, the Chief Executive, and Communications and IT managers sign the Accessibility Charter, giving employees the mandate to work towards an accessible environment for both its clients, and employees.

The second step is for each agency to develop and implement a five-year resourced programme of work, with the aim of accessibility becoming business as usual.

Each agency reports their progress to MSD on a six-monthly basis. This information provides the basis of a report for the Minister of Disability Issues.

Accessibility and alternate formats – all-of-government process

MSD is responsible for the all-of-government process for developing accessible communications and alternate formats. This process ensures government agencies can provide information that is inclusive of disabled people.

Read about the Alternate formats – all-of-government process.


Resources are available to assist people to know who to contact and to understand the standards for providing material in various alternate formats for disabled people.

This is supported by a training programme that can be delivered to all communication and IT staff within your organisation.

Lead Toolkit – the standards outlined in the Accessibility Charter programme of work are also reflected in the Lead Toolkit – a programme of work that aims to increase the employment of disabled people in the public sector.

Accessible information is a tool for supported decision-making, which enables people to make decisions based on their will and preferences. Read a guide about supported decision-making.

Accessibility Charter training

Learn the basics of accessibility and about the New Zealand Government Web Standards by attending a free 2-hour Accessibility Charter training session.


For more information contact:

Accessibility @ MSD
Ministry of Social Development

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