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Implementation of Budget 2020 funding for family violence services

MSD is working with providers to implement the new Budget 2020 funding for specialist family violence services. In May 2020 the Government announced it would invest $183 million over the next four years to increase the capacity and capability of MSD-funded providers to work with people affected by family violence.

The additional investment means MSD can pay current specialist family violence service providers a fairer amount that better reflects the actual costs of the work they do. The investment will better support providers to pay competitive salaries and provide professional development for their staff.

MSD’s aim is to ensure continued access to family violence services which make a strong contribution to improved safety and wellbeing outcomes for family and whānau.

Allocating the new funding for 2020/21

MSD is implementing a new and transparent funding model to more equitably allocate the new 2020/21 funding for current providers . The new funding model pays providers a consistent rate for an agreed number of full-time equivalent staff (FTE).

MSD wants our shift to the FTE funding model to create greater consistency and equity for providers across the country. The new approach also provides more flexibility than the previous volume-based model, so providers can tailor their responses to meet the complex and diverse needs of each family and whānau.

MSD has informed all current specialist providers about their additional funding and has begun working on contract variations. If you are a current MSD funded provider and have any questions, please contact your Partnering for Outcomes Advisor.

Our next steps to strengthen and stabilise family violence services

Over the next three years we’ll be working closely with the sector through a transition period, as we implement the remaining new Budget 2020 funding and priorities set out in the new MSD Family Violence Funding Approach (this was released in July 2019).

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We’ll be collaborating to improve contracts and reporting, and to support continuous improvements in how we work together with providers and the wider sector. We’ll also start to address current gaps in services (including gaps in geographic coverage, types of responses and diversity of providers).

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