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Information releases

Listed here, by topic, are documents that have been released proactively by MSD.

We have released these documents proactively because they are in high demand, or we expect that they will be in high demand.

Action Plan to Deliver the Construction Skills Strategy

On 4 October the Government announced its Action Plan to Deliver the Construction Skills Strategy.

The Action Plan is made up of six initiatives. Two of these initiatives are being led by MSD.

Aligning policies and practice

Over two years we made revisions to our operational policies and legislation after becoming aware in 2015 that our practice didn’t always align with the law.

Families Package

On 14 December 2017 the Government introduced its Families Package as part of its commitments under its 100 day plan. MSD and Treasury have released advice to the Government, including reports and Cabinet papers, concerning the Families Package.

Internal investigation into incorrect instruction issued to staff

This internal investigation looked at the circumstances that led to an incorrect instruction being issued to some of our staff, about making notifications to another government agency.

MSD’s national office relocation - December 2017

In August 2016 we commenced relocating our national office relocation to The Terrace. We published several documents relating to decision making on MSD’s national office relocation, and the costs of relocation.

Release of individual client level data documents - August 2017

The documents released contain a range of material, including internal emails and official advice to Ministers on the proposal to collect client level data from providers.

Reports to the Minister of Social Development

Each month we publish the titles of all the reports that the Ministry of Social Development provided to the Minister of Social Development and the Minister for Disability Issues.

The Beehive building

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