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Public Consultation on Working for Families Tax Credits

The Ministry of Social Development and Inland Revenue are currently consulting on Working for Families tax credits (WfF) and would like to hear your views.

The consultation is part of the Government’s review of Working for Families, to understand how it can be improved to better meet the needs of families in Aotearoa New Zealand.

What we're reviewing

We want you to help us understand how Working for Families can be improved to better meet the needs of families in Aotearoa New Zealand. This engagement is not seeking your feedback on proposed options for change. Instead, we want your input to help the Government understand where we need to focus our efforts and what action we need to take.

The review will not affect current Working for Families payments. You don’t need to be registered for or receiving Working for Families tax credits to provide your views.

How to give your feedback

You can give us your feedback through a quick online survey or by sending an email or letter.

Feedback is open from 20 April to 31 May 2022.

Fill in the survey online

This survey takes around 10 Minutes to complete.

Email or post your feedback

You can also send us written feedback in an email or letter.

When you write to us, please tell us:

  • What do you like about Working for Families? Is there anything that you don’t want changed?
  • How do you think Working for Families can better support:
    • Low-income, working families
    • Families with changing hours, shift-work, or part-time hours
    • Family and whānau make-up and care arrangements (for example shared care of children)
  • Do you have any concerns about Working for Families?
  • If you could change one thing about Working for Families, what would it be? How would you change it?

You can email your submission to: WFFReview@msd.govt.nz

You can post your submission to: Working for Families Review, Ministry of Social Development, PO Box 1556, Wellington 6140.

Next steps

Once the consultation has finished, survey responses and submissions will be analysed for themes, put into a report and shared with Ministers responsible for the Review, to inform their decisions. The Ministry of Social Development will also publish a summary of the report on its website.

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