CYF key statistics and information for media

Information and data frequently requested by the media about Child, Youth and Family, which was part of MSD until April 2017.

Benefit Factsheets

The Ministry of Social Development produces quarterly information on numbers of working-age people (aged 18-64 years) receiving main benefits. This includes national information, as well as a range of information that breaks New Zealand down geographically.

StudyLink statistics

Statistics on StudyLink payments of Student Allowances, Student Loans, and A and B Bursary payments.

Quarterly Regional Labour Market Updates

The Department of Labour and the Ministry of Social Development jointly produce Quarterly Regional Labour Market Updates, which provide a single point of reference for accurate labour market information that applies across consistent regional council boundaries.

The reports provide the latest regional labour market information, such as labour force participation, employment, unemployment and job vacancies.

The reports are published every three months within 24 hours of Statistics New Zealand's release of the latest quarterly Household Labour Force Survey (HLFS) results.

The Statistical Report

The Statistical Report contains statistical information about how people interact with the service lines of the Ministry of Social Development. It will be of value to people working within the social sector, in policy, research and service delivery. Statistics for the last five years are presented, including significant changes in policy, the administration of benefits and other support services.

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