Social Development Data application

Our Social Development Data application provides an interactive view of the Ministry’s monthly data releases. This is the initial release of the application. We intend to expand the application in future updates to include further data content and accessibility options, more regional views, and enhanced visualisations.

Income Support

Weekly Reporting

Weekly releases providing an overview of income support and hardship assistance, published each Friday at 10am.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly releases providing an overview of benefit and hardship assistance data. 

Quarterly Reporting

The Benefit Fact Sheets provide quarterly information on the number of working-age people (aged 18–64) receiving a main benefit. This includes data at a national level, as well as a range of regional breakdowns.


Monthly Reporting

Monthly releases providing an overview of Emergency Housing and the Public Housing Register.

Quarterly Reporting

Housing Register

When New Zealanders with serious housing needs are assessed and found eligible for public housing, they are placed on the Housing Register. The number of people on this register and their priority rating is subject to change, as people come on and off the register and as their circumstances change.

Transfer Register

The Transfer Register contains people who already live in public housing but have applied and are eligible to transfer to another property. Reasons for requesting a transfer may include health issues, or their current property being too small, too large, or in the wrong location.

Emergency Housing

The following Excel table provides a breakdown of the households in Emergency Housing at the end of the quarter by TLA.

StudyLink Statistics

Statistics on StudyLink payments of Student Allowances, Student Loans, and A and B Bursary payments.

Benefit Forecasts

These include Treasury’s Half Year Economic and Fiscal Update (HYEFU) and Budget Economic and Fiscal Update (BEFU)

Insights Reporting Series

These are a series of reports that each focus on a different group that are a priority for MSD, to better understand their historical, current, and future needs.

Young people 16–24 years old

Households accessing Emergency Housing

COVID-19 Evidence

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on almost all aspects of life. Our COVID-19 evidence work, often produced rapidly to meet the pace of New Zealand's response to the virus, provides insights into the pandemic's effects on New Zealand's people, society and economy. These help support the government’s welfare, service and policy decision-making around the crisis.