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Terms and conditions of the Te Korowai Whetū Social Cohesion community fund

This section outlines the Terms and Conditions of the Fund that apply for all community groups.

  1. The community group will inform the Ministry of any funding your organisation receives from any other Government source for your initiatives.
  2. The community group agrees to acknowledge the assistance of the Ministry in any publicity about their service.
  3. The community group will not do or omit to do any act that brings the Ministry into disrepute.
  4. The community group will repay all or a portion of the funding paid by the Ministry, if the community group does not satisfactorily deliver the initiative.
  5. This Fund is a one-off contribution to your organisation. The Ministry cannot guarantee that there will be any on-going funding for your initiative. The community group should not expect or rely on continued funding.
  6. Fund payments made to community groups who are GST registered will be subject to pay GST.
  7. The community group will not subcontract or assign the obligations of this Fund with any organisation other than an organisation/s specified in this Fund application without prior written permission from the Ministry, and no third party may enforce this Fund.
  8. The community group will provide a report about the initiative, including what was done, the impact and how the funds were spent. No personal information will be provided.
  9. The community group must maintain financial records of the Fund expenditure including the retention of receipts for auditing purposes.
  10. The community group acknowledges that the Ministry will publish the names of community groups that have received funding, the purpose and amount of funding.
  11. The community group will contribute 50% of the total costs to fund the initiative. Total cost = amount of funding requested + group's contribution (other funding and in-kind contributions).
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