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BFC Provider Results Dashboard


Providers of BFC services have said they are interested in receiving information that enables them to understand who they are reaching and to assess the effectiveness of their services.

The BFC Provider Results Dashboards summarise information about who is being reached by BFC products and what they are achieving. The purpose is to support conversations that enable providers, MSD and FinCap to work together to continuously improve the results achieved with their clients.

The dashboards mainly report findings based on data from the Trust’s Client Voices database.

Dashboards can be provided on a six-monthly basis to providers who wish to receive one and who:

  • are contracted to deliver BFC and its products
  • use the Client Voices database for all of their BFC clients
  • use the BFC Client Outcomes Measurement Tool pre- and post-intervention with every BFC client
  • sign an agreement to share de-identified data from the Client Voices database with Malatest International.

To enable providers to participate, MSD has waived the cost of joining Client Voices for 30 BFC providers. This is a cost savings of $350 for providers interested in using Client Voices.

How to get involved

If you're interested in receiving a Dashboard, email rocky@fincap.org.nz and complete the online consent form.

Here is a copy of the National Dashboard as an example of what the Dashboard looks like.

Find a copy of the BFC Provider Results Dashboard Process Guide.

FAQs for providers

Below are the answers by Malatest International to frequently asked questions that have arisen in their discussions with providers.

What is a dashboard?

A dashboard is a tool that allows you and your organisation to visualise the data that you’ve been collecting with Client Voices. Dashboards go beyond records in a data table by presenting the data in a way that is accessible and easy to understand. They include key performance indicators that are important to your organisation. A dashboard can give you the information you need to celebrate wins, recognise opportunities and understand the positive changes being made with the support that you offer.

How is client privacy being achieved?

Client privacy and confidentially is extremely important to us. To ensure that client privacy is maintained, the dashboards will:

  • only be offered to providers who have signed an agreement with Malatest International to share de-identified client data. No supplementary data will be used that could contain sensitive client information
  • even after de-identification, all data used in the creation of your dashboard will be encrypted and stored securely on-site at Malatest International

Do I need to send you the de-identified client data?

You will not be required to send us the data. Once you have signed an agreement to share the de-identified data we will receive it from FinCap directly.

Who will see the dashboard?

Only your organisation, MSD and FinCap will have access to your dashboard. The dashboards will not be made public or used for auditing purposes. Who you choose to share your dashboard with is up to your organisation.

Can I customise the dashboard?

Providers will not be able to customise their individual dashboards. However, providing us with feedback about the dashboard could lead to indicators that are more useful to you and your organisation. We encourage all feedback even if you believe that your request is unique to your organisation.

How do I know if I am eligible to receive a dashboard?

To be eligible to receive a dashboard, your organisation is required to:

  • Use Client Voices for all FinCap clients
  • Use the Client Outcomes Measurement Tool (COMT) pre- and post- client interaction
  • Sign an agreement to share de-identified client data with Malatest for the purpose of producing your dashboard.

What if my organisation doesn’t use Client Voices?

The cost of Client Voices will be waived for up to 30 providers to make the dashboards more accessible to organisations that do not currently use the database. This is a cost savings of $350 for providers interested in using Client Voices.

What will the dashboard cost?

There is no cost to receiving the dashboard. The dashboards are included in our evaluation and will be made available for free to interested FinCap service providers.

Can we use this to report to our committees?

The dashboards will only be made available to your organisation, MSD and FinCap from our end. You may choose to share the dashboard when you report to other governing bodies.

Will my clients need to sign a consent form to share de-identified data?

The information that we use for your dashboard has had any identifiable variables removed from the data. Your clients will not be required to sign a consent form for you to receive a dashboard.

Do I need to be contracted for BFC?

The dashboards are part of the BFC evaluation and are therefore only available to providers that are currently contracted for a BFC product.

How will you make regional and national comparisons relevant for my organisation?

We have heard from providers that understanding how the sector is going is important to them. However, some comparisons may not be relevant given the context of your client base or the regional boundaries that your organisation operates within. Our hope is that through your feedback we can develop a dashboard that is both consistent and useful for as many providers as possible.

Who should I contact about the dashboards?

If you have any questions about the dashboards, or would like to get involved, you can contact Rocky Webster at FinCap by email.

2 friends sitting at a table illustration
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