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Residence regulatory inspection summary reports

Every year, internal auditors report on the care provided at Child, Youth and Family residences. The reports detail where we’re achieving a high standard, and more importantly, areas that should be improved. We welcome this external eye – while we work hard to provide a high-level of quality care to children and young people, we’re always looking to evolve our practice in tandem with their growing needs.

The inspection reports range in length from 60 to 80 pages. They contain a lot of legislative jargon and detail on each of the over 50 regulations containing more than 350 provisions which our residences are expected to meet each year.

As such, we have developed summary inspection reports which highlight key issues, areas of strength, areas for improvement and Child, Youth and Family’s service delivery response to the areas for improvement.

The audits are of immense help to us. Many of our residences have improved greatly over the years because of them. We’re committed to getting it right.

Reading to a child.
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