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The Social Report

The Social Report uses statistical indicators to monitor trends across key dimensions of people’s lives to provide a picture of progress towards better social outcomes for New Zealanders. The aims of the Social Report are to:

  • report on social indicators that complement existing economic and environmental indicators
  • compare New Zealand with other countries on measures of wellbeing
  • contribute to better-informed public debate
  • aid planning and decision-making, and help identify key areas for action.

The report shows how people are faring in New Zealand, how this has changed over time, and how social outcomes vary for different groups in the population. It helps identify adverse trends at an early stage. While the report cannot always show what is driving these trends, it can point to the need for further analysis to help understand the changes and how to address them.

Latest report

The Social Report 2016 builds on the social wellbeing framework established in The Social Report 2001. The Social Report compiles a range of information from across agencies to bring together a set of social wellbeing indicators. This is the 11th edition of the Social Report and the first one published since The Social Report 2010. This report is based around the 2014 year and uses the most recent data available at the time of production.

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