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The Investment Approach

Employment and Social Outcomes Investment Strategies

Our latest Investment Strategy sets the investment shifts and principles that will inform employment spending allocations over the next few years

Previous employment and social outcomes strategies

About Investment Strategies

MSD uses investment strategies to guide the future focus of its work to ensure that it continues to make best use of its resources, for the benefit of New Zealanders.

In simple terms, our investment strategies help us navigate the complexities of delivering a multitude of services, affecting a lot of people.

In developing investment strategies, we can improve our prioritisation, planning and organisation of work; and achieve better outcomes for:

  • people who receive (or may receive) MSD’s services
  • particular groups of people where there are good reasons to prioritise our efforts.

Our work to develop strategies can also identify where we have information gaps, or service gaps (or services that need redesigning), allowing us to then assess how best and when to close such gaps.

Housing Investment Strategies

The key purpose of the Investment Strategy is to give clear information to the housing sector about where MSD will focus investments to achieve the best possible outcomes from social housing. Specifically, it identifies which groups of clients will be an investment priority in the upcoming year and the outcomes we are seeking through this investment.

Benefit System Performance Reports

These internal actuarial reports are produced in relation to the forward liabilities of the welfare system.

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