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Pūrongo ā-tau | Annual Report 2021 - 2022

The Annual Report is one of the key means by which the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) fulfils its accountability to Parliament and the public, and compliance with the reporting requirements set out in the Public Finance Act 1989. It shows how we have made progress towards achieving our outcomes and acknowledges the challenges we have faced across the year. This Annual Report includes our service performance results and full financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2022.

Update 5 December 2022

Since publication, some inconsistencies have been identified in the Annual Report 2021/22. We have provided further information and corrections below.

Our organisational impact indicators

Appendix 2 – Regional locations and benefit data

Please refer to the Quarterly Benefit Fact Sheets – Work and Income Regions Tables June 2022 which includes the correct information that is contained in the tables of information on pages 294-304.

Appendix 3 – Information-sharing agreements

Corrections to table of information on page 306:


Unique students for whom profiles were created

Of these, profiles that included information from OT


Of these, profiles that included information from MSD


Count of NEET clients enrolled during period

Of these, enrolments from referrals using information combined to make a single profile


Correction to table of information on page 308:


Immediate suspension of benefit where no debt established


Appendix 7 – Emissions Profile

Corrections to table of information on page 316-317:



Emissions (tCO2e)


Diesel stationary combustion





Annual Report 2021-22 cover
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