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Improving our organisational capability so we can deliver high-quality services

The Public Service is expected to support the Government of the day. This means public servants act with integrity, are politically neutral, provide free, frank and fearless advice, ensure appointments are based on merit, and are committed to open government.

As one of the largest agencies in the government sector, we are fully committed to the “spirit of service” principles that underpin everything the public sector does. We are especially mindful of this principle given the extent of our reach into New Zealanders’ lives.

MSD is a large and diverse organisation with 7,000 staff. Having the right people, technology, resources and organisational culture is essential to successfully delivering outcomes for New Zealanders. We want our people to have the right mix of the skills we need for success.

The following pages outline some of the ways we strengthened ourselves in 2018/19 to improve outcomes for New Zealanders, in relation to:

  • investing in our people leadership and capability
  • establishing and maintaining good organisational governance
  • building our data and analytics capability
  • making sure we safeguard the information we gather properly
  • ensuring our technological environment is fit for purpose
  • managing asset performance appropriately