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Reports to the Minister for Social Development

February 2019

Each month we publish the titles of all the reports that the Ministry of Social Development provided to the Minister for Social Development and the Minister for Disability Issues.

Reports provided by the Ministry of Social Development to the Minister for Disability Issues in February 2019 at 7 March 2019

TitleDate receivedReport Number
The Government's response to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - final report 8/02/2019 N/A
Oral item:  Promoting the effective engagement of disabled people in policy development and service design. 7/02/2019 N/A
NZSL Video Interpreting and Relay Services Consultation 15/02/2019 REP/19/2/093
Meeting with The Independence Collective 14/02/2019 REP/19/2/084
Meeting with Access Alliance 12 February 2019 8/02/2019 REP/19/1/037
Scope of the Machinery of Government review for System Transformation 12/02/2019 REP/19/2/061
[9(2)(f)(iv)] 7/02/2019 N/A

Reports provided by the Ministry of Social Development to the Minister for Social Development in February 2019 at 7 March 2019

TitleDate receivedReport Number
Residual Management Progress report for Families Commission/Superu:December 2018 and January 2019 4/02/2019 REP/19/1/018
Aide Memoire for Debbie Power powhiri 5/02/2019 REP/19/2/041
Annual report on the Accessibility Charter Implementation 4/02/2019 REP/19/1/035
Meeting with Susan Huria, independent chair of the GUiNZ steering group 5/02/2019 REP/19/2/049
Release of the Specialist Sexual Violence Services Formative Evaluation Report 7/02/2019 REP/19/01/033
The Cost impact to MSD resulting from the establishment of Oranga Tamariki 8/02/2019 REP/19/01/032
Final Baseline Review report   8/02/2019 REP/19/02/042
Mana in Mahi January 19 Progress Report 8/02/2019 REP19/02/053
Addressing errors with the Winter Energy Payment legislation 8/02/2019 REP/19/2/057
Reform of Vocational Education consultation document 8/02/2019 REP/19/2/064
[9(2)(f)(iv)] 8/02/2019 REP/19/2/052
Welfare Expert Advisory Group: Meeting with Professor Cindy Kiro 8/02/2019 REP/19/2/043
Meeting with Welfare Expert Advisory Group Chair, 12 February 2019 8/02/2019 REP/19/2/045
Meeting with Welfare Expert Advisory Group, 12 February 2019 8/02/2019 REP/19/2/046
2019 Annual General Adjustment to Rates and Thresholds for Financial Assistance 8/02/2019 REP/19/1/003
2018/2019 First Quarter Reports: Social Development Crown Entities 12/02/2019 REP/19/02/058
Enhanced Taskforce Green to help affected areas in the Nelson-Tasman recover from fire damage 12/02/2019 REP/19/2/070
Hawke's Bay labour market shortage declaration 12/02/2019 REP/19/2/069
Information to support conversations about the Carers' Strategy Action Plan 2019 – 2023 21/02/2019 REP/18/11/1598
Orders in Council and Amendment Regulations for the Annual General Adjustment of Rates and Thresholds 13/02/2019 REP/19/1/004
Nga Vaka o Kaiga Tapu - Pathways to Wellbeing 13/02/2019 REP/19/02/073
Te Ao Maori At MSD Survey - Results Summary 14/02/2019 REP/19/02/076
Quarterly Update on benefit use and Household Labour Force Survey (HLFS) key results - December 2018 14/02/2019 REP/19/02/0068
Results of public consultation on the draft Approved Information Sharing Agreement between the Ministry of Social Development and the New Zealand Customs Service 15/02/2019 REP/19/01/021
The Children’s Commissioner: considerations for oversight 15/02/2019 REP/19/02/089
Release of the Government Statistician's Concepts and Definitions for use in implementing the Child Poverty Reduction Act: Consultation with MSD 19/02/2019 REP/19/02/096
Meeting with the Minister of Finance and Minister of Revenue, 20 February 2019 19/02/2019 REP/19/2/095
AM Workforce needs of One Billion Trees Programme 19/02/2018 REP/19/2/098
REP/19/2/075 Draft cabinet paper addressing error with the Winter Energy Payment legislation 15/02/2019 REP/19/2/075
Vote Social Development: 2019 March Baseline Update 20/02/2019 REP/19/02/083
South Korea Social Security Agreement 21/02/2019 REP/19/02/113
Strengthening our Emergency Housing approach 22/02/2019  N/A
Housing overview and operational options 22/02/2019  N/A
HUD & MSD Interventions across the housing continuum 22/02/2019  N/A
2019 Annual General Adjustment: Amendments to Ministerial Direction and Welfare Programmes 22/02/2019 REP/19/02/094
Our plan to create an integrated and sustainable sexual violence service response 21/02/2019 REP/19/2/116
AM Meeting with the EEO Commissioner 15/02/2019 REP/19/2/091
Considering legislation change and phasing for independent oversight of Oranga Tamariki and children’s issues 26/02/2019 REP/19/2/128
[9(2)(f)(iv)] 25/02/2019 N/A
Benefits Review Committee Community Representative Nominations, Resignation and tenure end date 27/02/2019 REP/19/2/125
AM Briefing for meeting with Dress for Success 27/02/2019 REP/19/02/127
Update on developing research questions to consider in the Families Package evaluation 27/02/2019 REP/19/02/090
Amendment to report number REP/19/2/069 Hawke's Bay labour market shortage declaration 27/02/2019 REP/19/2/134
[9(2)(f)(iv)] 28/02/2019 REP/19/2/117
30 Million breakfasts in the KickStart Breakfast Programme 28/02/2019 N/A
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