Statement of Intent 2013 - 2016

Operating Intentions

Reducing Long-term Welfare Dependency

Boosting Skills and Employment

Supporting Vulnerable Children

Reducing Crime

Improving Interaction with Government

Linking it all together

The Government has laid down a challenge to the public sector in four key priorities. The first – Delivering Better Public Services – has 10 specific result areas to measure against. We have a major role to play in delivering these results. We co-ordinate the cross-agency effort to achieve four of these result areas and we directly contribute to another four.

To ensure our direction is clear, our outcomes framework reflects the priority of Delivering Better Public Services. This means we can link our goals and resources directly to the Government Priorities and clearly track our progress.

Government Priority Government Themes Government Result Areas Ministry Outcomes
Delivering Better Public Services
Reducing Long-term Welfare Dependency Reduce the number of people who have been on a working age benefit for more than 12 months More people into work and out of welfare dependency
Boosting Skills and Employment Increase the proportion of 18 year olds with NCEA level 2 or equivalent qualification More young people are in education, training or work
More young people contribute positively to their communities
Supporting Vulnerable Children Reduce the number of assaults on children Fewer children are vulnerable
Increase infant immunisation rates and reduce the incidence of rheumatic fever More efficient and effective allocation of government resources to meet community needs
Increase participation in early childhood education
Reducing Crime Reduce the rates of total crime, violent crime and youth crime Fewer children and young people commit crime
Reduce reoffending Fewer people commit fraud and the system is fair and sustainable
Improving Interaction with Government New Zealanders can complete their transactions with the Government easily in a digital environment More people interact with the Ministry in a digital environment
Statement of Intent 2013 - 2016


Statement of Intent 2013

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