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Our leadership team

Five Deputy Chief Executives report to our Chief Executive. Find out more about our leadership team and the work that they are responsible for.

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Brendan Boyle - Chief Executive

Brendan became Chief Executive of the Ministry in October 2011. In addition to leading the Ministry, he chairs the Social Sector Board, which includes the Vulnerable Children’s Board and the Joint Venture Board.

Service Delivery

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Ruth Bound - Deputy Chief Executive,
Service Delivery

Ruth leads our service delivery group, which provides services to over one million seniors, students, working age beneficiaries and people seeking social housing.


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Scott Gallacher – Deputy Chief Executive, Housing

Scott leads MSD's work in the vital social housing area, liaises closely with the Minister for Social Housing’s office, and coordinates our cross-agency approach.

Insights and Investment

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Nic Blakeley - Deputy Chief Executive,
Insights and Investment

Nic leads the Insights and Investment group, which supports strategic investment decisions, ultimately leading to better outcomes for New Zealanders.


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Simon MacPherson - Deputy Chief Executive, Policy

Simon leads the policy group, the government’s principal provider of social policy advice shaping social sector funding and services.

Office of the Chief Executive

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Nadine Kilmister - Director, Office of the Chief Executive

Nadine oversees the Office of the Chief Executive, which provides high level strategic, organisational and operational advice, and manages key external relationships across the social sector as well as across the entire state sector.

Corporate Solutions

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Stephen Crombie – Corporate Solutions

Stephen leads the Corporate Solutions group which provides corporate services to support organisation priorities and functions, the needs of business groups and to deliver shared services to other organisations.