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Student Loans January – March 2020

For this report, a student is defined as a person who received at least one payment from StudyLink between the start of the calendar year and the end of the specified reporting month.

The data in this report are cumulative year-to-date figures. All percentages are computed using actual data and rounded to the nearest one decimal point. The total percentages may not add up to 100 percent due to rounding effects. The last three years of data and annual comparisons are presented in summary tables. Earlier timeseries are included in the downloadable spreadsheets.

Note that the impacts of COVID-19 are not yet covered by this report.

Loan Components

From January to March 2020, there were 115,332 Student Loan borrowers, down 4.1 percent when compared with the same time last year. The total amount borrowed for course fees, course related costs and living costs was $766,158,548 or a decrease of 2.0 percent compared with the same period in 2019.

Total number of borrowers and total amount borrowed

The proportion of Student Loan borrowers who have drawn-down loans to pay for living costs slightly increased by 0.6 percentage point when compared with January to March 2019. The proportion of borrowers for course fees decreased by 0.8 percentage point, and the proportion of borrowers for course related costs decreased by 2.0 percentage points.

Distribution of SL borrowers by loan component

Annual Comparisons

Number of Student Loan borrowers, amount borrowed, and average amount borrowed, by loan component

Loan component January to March Annual change
2018 2019 2020 2018-19 2019-20
Course fees 99,622 100,011 95,032 0.4% -5.0%
Course related costs 69,605 64,130 59,242 -7.9% -7.6%
Living costs 72,720 69,762 67,628 -4.1% -3.1%
Total number of Student Loan borrowers 124,867 120,269 115,332 -3.7% -4.1%
Amount borrowed for course fees $636,508,383 $654,206,591 $640,891,940 2.8% -2.0%
Amount borrowed for course related costs $61,581,217 $56,551,044 $52,127,748 -8.2% -7.8%
Amount borrowed for living costs $73,557,092 $71,134,401 $73,138,860 -3.3% 2.8%
Total amount borrowed $771,646,692 $781,892,036 $766,158,548 1.3% -2.0%
Average course fees $6,389 $6,541 $6,744 2.4% 3.1%
Average course related costs $885 $882 $880 -0.3% -0.2%
Average living costs $1,012 $1,020 $1,081 0.8% 6.0%

Note 1: “Total amount borrowed” comprises of borrowings for course fees, course related costs and living costs.

Note 2: Administration charges/establishment fees, repayments and refunds are not included in the above summary table but are available in the downloadable Excel file.

Note 3: Amounts are rounded to the nearest dollar.

Other Student Loan Statistics