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Student Allowances January – March 2020

For this report, a student is defined as a person who received at least one payment from StudyLink between the start of the calendar year and the end of the specified reporting month.

The data in this report are cumulative year-to-date figures. All percentages are computed using actual data and rounded to the nearest one decimal point. The total percentages may not add up to 100 percent due to rounding effects. The last three years of data and annual comparisons are presented in summary tables. Earlier timeseries are included in the downloadable spreadsheets.

Note that the impacts of COVID-19 are not yet covered by this report.

Education Providers Attended

Of the total number of students who received student allowances from January to March 2020, 57.6 percent were enrolled in universities. This was 1.9 percentage points higher compared with the same period last year.

Distribution of recipients by types of education providers

Note: The percentage point difference was computed using actual data.

Number of Recipients by Types of Education Providers

Types of providers January to March Annual change
2018 2019 2020 2018- 19 2019-20
University 25,183 24,277 23,568 -3.6% -2.9%
Polytechnic 13,021 12,057 10,765 -7.4% -10.7%
Private training establishment (PTE) 5,408 5,230 4,849 -3.3% -7.3%
Wānanga 1,441 1,394 1,247 -3.3% -10.5%
Multiple, and Other providers 576 563 461 -2.3% -18.1%
Total number recipients 45,629 43,521 40,890 -4.6% -6.0%

Note: “Multiple, and Other providers” includes combination/s of providers (e.g. polytechnic and university, PTE and university) that some students attended during the specified reporting period. “Other” types of providers are listed in the downloadable Excel file.

Student Allowance Paid to Students by Types of Education Providers