Young people playing hacky-sack.

Changes to the Ministry of Youth Development

24 November 2015.

To be attributed to Ministry of Social Development Chief Executive, Brendan Boyle:

Today the Government announced an innovative new direction for youth development, with the aim of increasing the number and quality of development opportunities available to all young New Zealanders aged between 12 and 24 years.

This will be achieved through building stronger partnerships with the business and philanthropic sectors to increase the amount of resources available for New Zealand’s most disadvantaged youth.

Shortly MSD will be engaging with key stakeholders around the best way to set up a partnership fund jointly funded by government and the private sector.

The new direction will mean significant changes for the Ministry of Youth Development (MYD), including in its priorities, the functions it delivers and its structure.

While MYD’s future priorities and functions have been clearly stated by the Government, how the Ministry will be structured to deliver them will be part of a consultation process to be carried out with Ministry staff over the next few weeks.

Media Contact: MSD Media Team ph. 04 916 3496 or

Young people playing hacky-sack.


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