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25 March 2019.

Many thanks for feedback on our draft Māori Strategy


We would like to sincerely thank the nearly 5,000 people who provided feedback on our draft Māori strategy and action plan – Te Pae Tata.

The survey provided an opportunity for our Māori whānau, hapū, Iwi and providers of services to Māori, to tell us whether we are on the right track.

It was also a chance for people to read the summaries of our conversations with our whānau, staff and providers and how they informed the draft strategy and action plan.

The team is currently analysing and identifying themes in the feedback and it is expected a final version of Te Pae Tata will be completed by July.

Pacific leaders to lead creation of Pacific Strategy


Minister Sepuloni (centre) with the newly appointed members of the steering and reference groups.

Ava, tapa and the colours of the Pacific were on show earlier this month at the MSD National Office, as Minister for Social Development Carmel Sepuloni announced the formation of the MSD Pacific Steering and Reference Groups.

The steering and reference groups will inform the creation, development, and implementation of our Pacific Strategy and Action plan which will focus on improving the overall wellbeing of our Pacific families and communities.

The two-day event started with both groups officially welcomed with an Ava Ceremony, before entering into workshops and networking opportunities.

The steering group will lead the development and implementation of the strategy and action plan while the reference group will ensure that actions and initiatives that come out of the Strategy and Action Plan are effective for Pacific.

E Tū Whānau 'movement for positive change'


Ranui and Porky Parata who began the E Tū Whānau journey with their community in December 2017.

“Before we began the E Tū Whānau journey, if any of our mums and kids saw any trouble at the club they’d leave straight away and wouldn’t come back. But that’s changed now.”

That’s what kahukura (leader) Ranui Parata says about the E Tū Whānau initiative that’s helping to create much-needed change for the Pikiao Rugby League Club and its community.

E Tū Whānau is a movement for positive change developed by Māori for Māori. It’s about communities taking responsibility and action and supporting whānau to thrive. It’s supported by a small team at MSD and field staff who work alongside local groups such as Pikiao that are ready to commit to change.

Pikiao is a small, sports-mad iwi centred on Mourea Marae in the Bay of Plenty. Through the E Tū Whānau initiative, the culture of the club has changed so they now have a women’s league team and whānau feel welcome and safe in the clubrooms.

The change has been led by Ranui and husband Porky Parata who began the E Tū Whānau journey with their community with a hui in December 2017. From there, Porky and Ranui have kept their sights on the end goal, to grow a new generation of kahukura. Rikihana Te Rangi is captain of the Pikiao senior league team and is emerging as one of those leaders.

Rikihana talks about the importance of the values in providing a framework for positive change. The values – aroha, korero awhi, tikanga, whakapapa, whanaungatanga, mana Manaaki – underpin the E Tū Whānau kaupapa. He is excited about the future for Ngāti Pikiao.

“You can stay in that old way but it’s not getting you anywhere and it’s not drawing new people to the club. We want to grow this club and keep it growing, for us and for future generations.”

Porky is encouraged and inspired by the way the young people are taking the lead now.

“They’re young and they’re stepping up. It’s a really good thing to see.”

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