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01 October 2019.

Dental problem leads to new career for Matangi

Matangi at work

Matangi Ngaropo (pictured) walked into the MSD office in Whakatane in need of assistance for a dental treatment. He was approached by Pip, one of our case managers, and they got talking about employment.

Pip quickly discovered Matangi had been doing orchard work for the last two years, and he was wanting a change of scene and a new career path.

When Pip found out Matangi had a current Certificate of Approval, which meant he could work in security, she spoke to Work Broker Debbie. Debbie contacted First Security straight away.

Matangi was interviewed immediately and started work a day later. Matangi has now secured a permanent 40 hour a week contract.

The MSD team in Whakatane has since helped Matangi get his full drivers licence and now he is able to do mobile security.

Congratulations Matangi, all the best for your new career!

Jasmine’s seven-year journey to work

Jasmine Youngman

When Jasmine Youngman (pictured) stepped into MSD’s East Coast regional office reporting for duty any first day nerves were quickly forgotten. Jasmine arrived with tins of baking for morning tea and she was welcomed with open arms.

Jasmine’s lead up to her first day with MSD as an Administration/Support Officer was a seven-year journey that came about through the Mainstream Employment programme that supports disabled people to take up paid work.

Jasmine left school at 15 but was determined to stay busy from day one. “Part of my disability means that I need to keep myself busy, I can’t stay home for too long, I get bored easily.” There was certainly no chance of boredom setting in.

Straight from school Jasmine took up volunteering positions with the Salvation Army Family Store for five years followed by over two with the Napier Citizen’s Advice Bureau. All the while she was studying at the Eastern Institute of Technology to build up her skill-set.

From initially working for MSD for 15 hours a week, Jasmine’s potential was soon recognised and her hours were increased to 30 hours a week from March. Manager Rawinia Lewis says “When Jasmine first came on board, we were unsure what her capabilities were… but we found out pretty quickly that she had much more to offer and we started to train her in more complex administrative tasks. She has become a highly valued team member."

Jasmine shares some insights. “My journey to Mainstream was interesting. With the help of DTS Epic Pathways and MSD, the ‘Amazing Achievement Team’ was born. This was a Job Club run in conjunction with both agencies to help me with finding a job. After six months I got a part-time job as an office junior working 15 hours a week with MSD. After six months I was offered a fulltime position, 30 hours per week on a fixed term contract of 18 months. I love my job and thanks to Mainstream it has opened many doors for my future.”

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