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Voluntary redundancies confirmed

23 April 2024.

As part of MSD’s ongoing efforts to reduce costs, we offered the opportunity for some people to apply for voluntary redundancy earlier this month. Staff members who applied for voluntary redundancy were notified today of the outcome of their applications.

There were 404 applications, 218 of which were accepted.

MSD has previously indicated further change would be required in some areas. The leadership team is working through that now, taking into consideration voluntary redundancies, priority work, attrition rates and other factors.

The areas where further targeted change will occur are People and Capability, Organisational Assurance and Communication, Transformation, and Strategy and Insights.

The exact detail of the proposed changes will now be worked through. Staff will be informed of the change proposals in late May.

In relation to today’s voluntary redundancy decisions, even though it is a voluntary process, it’s not an easy one for the staff involved, some of whom have worked for MSD for many years. This is an unsettling time for our people, and we thank them for their dedication as we work through it.

 - Nadine Kilmister, Deputy Chief Executive for People and Capability

Editor's notes

  • MSD’s total full time equivalent staff headcount as at the end of March was 9248.
  • Frontline roles were out of scope for voluntary redundancy, but 13 exceptions were made on a case-by-case basis.
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