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What flexibility and security do I have around my funding from government agencies?

Government agencies that fund the provision of social services have been meeting to align how they will support and work with their provider partners. This has included representatives from MSD, Oranga Tamariki, ACC, the Ministry of Justice, Corrections, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and others.

In principle, we have agreed the following approach:

  1. We will pay NGOs until the end of June as if service delivery had continued at current levels (except for ACC services where this is not permitted within the law). We will not hold back funding because of under-delivery against contracts for the next 4 months (at least). For existing social service contracts paid on a fee for service basis, which COVID-19 will prevent being delivered in the coming months, we will pay based on current trends (e.g. payment for next 4 months at same level as average of the previous 4 months, or same period last year).
  2. We will give as much certainty on future funding as possible
    We want to give our partners and their staff as much certainty as possible. We will provide clarity on the situation post-June 2020 as soon as possible. Where possible, funding levels will be maintained, although services may need to change (e.g. employment services may be reshaped to reflect the changing economic picture).
  3. We commit to working smartly with NGO social service partners so that we are (a) increasingly joined-up across funding agencies; and, (b) our interactions are balanced equally between information gathering and seeking the views of community organisations about any help they need to better support their communities.
  4. We commit to supporting NGOs to be flexible to the needs of their communities (i.e. working outside their contracts for a period). We want to enable partners to play their part in the wider community response to COVID-19.
  5. We will actively support collaborative efforts at a community level – e.g. Community Assessment Hubs, collective impact models etc. Let us know how we can help.
  6. We will support NGOs wherever possible to remove barriers to people receiving assistance (e.g. people having to prove they have been to Work and Income before being able to access support).

The application of these principles will vary between agencies and their providers in response to their specific circumstances. Further information will be provided by your funder around how these principles apply to the contracts you have with them.

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