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Te Pae Tata: Māori strategy and action plan consultation

21 February 2019.

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) is developing a Māori Strategy and Action Plan to help us improve the way we work with Māori.


Since March 2018 we have been working with service providers, staff and a group of whānau on the development of the Strategy and Action Plan (known as Te Pae Tata).

To identify themes to form the basis of Te Pae Tata, they were asked three simple questions:

  • What is MSD doing well?
  • What does MSD need to improve?
  • How can MSD recognise/acknowledge Māori culture in the organisation?

Their views are summarised in the ‘voices of our people’ below.

Voice of whānau
Voice of staff
Voice of providers

Based on the voices of our people and general insights and understandings we have gained over time, (from stakeholders and whānau), we drafted the initial content for Te Pae Tata (see below).

Draft Te Pae Tata strategy

Te Pae Tata - MSD draft Māori strategy and action plan

In January and February 2019, we sought feedback on the draft Te Pae Tata strategy via an online survey.

The objective was to allow our Māori whānau, hapū, Iwi and providers of services to Māori, to give feedback on Te Pae Tata content. It was also the chance for respondents to review the voices of our people, our whānau/staff/ and providers, and how they informed the creation of the draft strategy and action plan.

Nearly 5,000 responses were received and the Te Pae Tata team wish to sincerely thank everyone for their feedback.

Next steps

The team is currently analysing and theming feedback and it is expected a final version of Te Pae Tata will be completed by the end of March.

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