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Researching how OSCAR services can better support children’s wellbeing

18 October 2019.

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) has commissioned the Out of School Care Network (OSCN) to carry out research to better understand how OSCAR services meet parents’ needs.

MSD wants to know how parents and providers think services and the out of school care system can be improved.

Accessible, affordable and safe childcare services improve employment opportunities for parents, families and communities. They also play a wider role in child wellbeing and in whānau, social, economic and community development.

Meeting the needs of parents

MSD and the sector are committed to making sure OSCAR services meet the needs of parents and the sector operates well.

There is a common interest in how services can be improved to better support children’s wellbeing.

How and when the research is being done

Point Research are running the main survey — they’re an independent research organisation, with deep experience in community sector evaluation.

This will involve an on-line survey of parents, which is expected to roll out in November, and will be followed by further in-depth research.

In conjunction with this, the Out of School Care Network (OSCN) will be seeking OSCAR providers’ views

We expect a summary of findings will be available around July/August 2020 (tbc).

Meantime if you have questions or feedback, please email the manager of the Out of School Care Network (OSCN): oscn.manager@xtra.co.nz.

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