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To be attributed to Ministry of Social Development Social Housing Deputy Chief Executive Carl Crafar

19 May 2016.

The Government has announced funding for 3000 emergency housing places per year, allocating $41.1 million over the next 4 years for both contracted emergency housing providers and a new emergency housing grant which will be available from September 2016.

Anyone with a current emergency housing need should get in touch with Work and Income.

While we recognise that the best way to prevent the need for emergency housing is to support people into sustainable private rentals or social housing, help is available for people in immediate need.

We can help with rent arrears, with referral to emergency housing providers, and with recoverable payments for temporary accommodation.

From September, a new special needs grant for emergency housing will be put in place that does not need to be paid back. This can be paid for up to seven days while people consider their next steps.

As well as helping those in need, a dedicated grant will allow us to track the demand for emergency accommodation, where previously people may have been granted assistance under different categories.

The Ministry of Social Development is now seeking to contract with community organisations and housing providers nationwide for the 3000 places. This is expected to be in place in September 2016. Any housing providers, community groups and non-government organisations around New Zealand are encouraged to get in touch to make expressions of interest.

Up to 800 places can be occupied at any one time - with an expected maximum stay of three months, this will total more than 3000 places per year, though with both individuals and families housed the total is likely to be higher.

Helping with this immediate need is the first step for us to people into sustainable, long-term housing.

The Beehive building
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