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Accommodation Supplement issue update

21 November 2016.

Work and Income found there was an error in some people’s Accommodation Supplement payments. Some people were overpaid, and others were underpaid.

The error affected people who received Accommodation Supplement from Work and Income before December 2014, and who moved between renting, boarding and living in their own home.

We are putting this right as follows:

  • Anyone who was underpaid their Accommodation Supplement is now getting the correct amount.
  • People who were overpaid won’t have to pay the money back.
  • Payments are now being made to people owed money because of this error.

Current clients (including people getting NZ Super) don’t need to do anything. Those owed money will be paid automatically by the end of November.

From 28 November, former clients will be able to use a simple tool on the Work and Income website to check if they’re owed money. If they are, the tool will submit their enquiry for final checking and payment processing. These enquiries can only be made through the website.

The online tool can also be used to check on behalf of someone else (if they’re not a current client), or for a person who has died.

People who currently only get Unsupported Child’s Benefit, Orphan’s Benefit, Child Disability Allowance or a childcare subsidy also need to use the online tool.

Work and Income staff in contact centres and service centres aren’t able to tell people if they’re owed money or how much it is. Current clients owed money will be paid automatically, and former clients should use the website tool.

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