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31 July 2014

The Government has announced a cross-Government package to better protect victims of family violence.

25 June 2014

The Government today confirmed that Christchurch residents who have received an Increased Flooding Vulnerability letter from the Earthquake Commission are eligible to apply for assistance under the Temporary Accommodation Assistance programme (TAA).

27 May 2014

Last year, I commissioned a review of social worker’s caseloads and workloads to be carried out by the Office of the Chief Social Worker. It was presented to me on 2 May, and I now present the findings.

27 May 2014

The Ministry of Social Development today released the findings of the Workload and Casework Review.

15 May 2014

Budget 2014 announcements

17 April 2014

The Associate Minister for Social Development, Chester Borrows, announced today the passing of the Social Security (Fraud Measures and Debt Recovery) Amendment Bill that holds partners jointly accountable for any welfare fraud and subsequent debt created because of dishonesty.


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