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Work programmes

Our research and experience has led us to identify deliverables that we consider will make the most significant contribution to our outcomes and to the Government's priorities. These deliverables are detailed in the work programmes and initiatives which the Ministry undertakes.

Current programmes

Family Incomes Package

The Government’s $2 billion per year Family Incomes Package will make changes to tax thresholds, Working for Families and the Accommodation Supplement on 1 April 2018. MSD is responsible for implementing the changes to the Accommodation Supplement.

Social Housing Reform Programme

The Social Housing Reform Programme will increase the supply of social housing in New Zealand. It builds on a number of measures taken over recent years to provide more New Zealanders in need with quality and affordable housing.

Fast track resolution of Historic Abuse Claims

The Government and MSD has determined that all cases of historic abuse claims for those who were in state care be settled by 2020 where possible.

Family Violence and Sexual Violence Work Programme

New Zealand has amongst the highest reported rates of family violence and sexual violence in the developed world. A cross-government work programme is putting in place a wide range of initiatives to stop violence from occurring, reduce the harm it causes, and break the cycle of re-victimisation and re-offending.

Investing in Children programme

In response to the recommendations of the Expert Panel’s Final Report, the Government agreed that a bold and urgent overhaul of the care and protection and youth justice systems was required. The Investing in Children Programme is tasked with leading the fundamental shift required to achieve better outcomes for vulnerable children. This includes developing a system which prioritises the earliest opportunity for a stable and loving family, and enables all children to feel a sense of identity, belonging and connection.

The Social Security Act 1964 Rewrite

The Government has asked the Ministry to look at how we can rewrite the Act so it’s easier to understand and reflects a modern approach to delivering assistance to New Zealand families. A rewrite would provide greater clarity and coherence, ensure greater consistency and modernise language so that existing policies are more understandable.

Better Public Services

The Ministry of Social Development is responsible for two programmes that will help the Government deliver Better Public Services.

Community Investment Strategy

The Community Investment Strategy was launched in June 2015 and helps make sure that Ministry-funded community-based social services are targeted at the right people and the right communities, based on evidence of what works.

Young people playing hacky-sack.

Our programmes

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