Migrant workers.


The Ministry works across the social sector on strategies and initiatives that are relevant to social development outcomes, including youth, justice, education, care and protection, and employment.

Enabling Good Lives

Enabling Good Lives is a partnership between government agencies and the disability sector aimed at long term transformation of how disabled people and families are supported to live everyday lives.

Social Sector Trials

The Social Sector Trials have been in place in six New Zealand locations since 1 March 2011. This is a two-year programme of work which is due to finish on 28 February 2013.

The Taskforce for Whānau centred initatives

In June 2009 Cabinet approved the establishment of the Whānau Ora Taskforce (The Taskforce). Its role is to develop a framework for a whānau-centred approach to whānau development. The work of the Taskforce is now complete.

Taskforce for Action on Violence Within Families

The Taskforce was established in June 2005 to advise the Family Violence Ministerial Team on how to make improvements to the way family violence is addressed, and to eliminate family violence in New Zealand.

Extended Services

Extended Services are school-based Out of School Service programmes that receive extra help to extend the range of activities they offer to provide stimulating, healthy activities for children of all ages from five to their 14th birthday. This information was last updated in 2010.

Connecting Diverse Communities

The Connecting Diverse Communities (CDC) project was a whole-of-government approach designed to improve and better co-ordinate initiatives across government agencies to promote social cohesion and stronger relations between diverse ethnic, cultural and religious communities.

Migrant workers.
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