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This section contains publications and resources produced by the Ministry of Social Development.

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Latest publications

Top 10,000 clients – Social Sector Costs

Top 10,000 clients. A new approach to looking at shared clients across the social sector - Insights MSD.

Budget 2016: Four-Year Plan

The Four-Year Plan outlines the Ministry’s strategy, and the key priorities and supporting work programmes to deliver our strategic direction, as at December 2015.

Skills for Safety – Evaluation Report

‘Skills for Safety – Evaluation Report’, March 2016, by independent researchers Assoc. Prof. Jan Jordan and Dr Elaine Mossman of Victoria University of Wellington presents findings from an outcome evaluation of girls' and women's self defence courses run by the Women’s Self Defence Network – Wāhine Toa (WSDN-WT).

Literature review – research into the effectiveness of self defence programmes for girls as a sexual violence and family violence prevention strategy

An independent literature review of research and evaluations into the effectiveness of self defence programmes as a sexual violence and family violence prevention strategy for school-age girls.

Decentralising Welfare - Te Mana Motuhake O Tūhoe

The Ministry of Social Development committed to work with Tūhoe as part of their Treaty settlement, and in particular to explore whether there were opportunities to decentralise any aspects of the government’s responsibility for providing welfare support.

Measuring and monitoring material hardship for NZ children: MSD research and analysis used in advice for the Budget 2015 Child Hardship package

The report documents the more detailed research and analysis on the measurement of material hardship that contributed to the policy development process for the Child Hardship package in Budget 2015.

The two deprivation indices used in the report (EU-13 and DEP-17) update previously published findings using earlier versions of these (EU-9 and DEP-14) as reported in Perry (2009)

The report is a part of MSD’s ongoing research and monitoring programme on material wellbeing.

Protect your future

The Office for Senior Citizens is running an information campaign, “Protect your Future”, about enduring power of attorney and why people should set one up.

Are you that someone?

Are you that someone? is a short term campaign focussed on equipping young people with the confidence and knowledge to help stop sexual violence.

Delivering Social Services Every Day

Delivering Social Services Every Day brings together an overview of the social sector.

The 'Conduct Problems: Effective Programmes for Adolescents' report

This report by the Advisory Group on Conduct Problems is online now.

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