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Latest publications

The 'Conduct Problems: Effective Programmes for Adolescents' report

This report by the Advisory Group on Conduct Problems is online now.

Annual Report 2012/2013

Our Annual Report shows the progress we have made and the results we have achieved for our clients and stakeholders in the previous 12 months that contribute to the outcomes in our Statement of Intent.

Older New Zealanders: Healthy, Independent, Connected and Respected

This document talks about the Government’s commitment to the strategy, highlights the opportunities associated with the ageing population and sets out many supports and services for older people.

Military-style Activity Camp (MAC) Programme report

This report outlines the findings from an evaluation of the Military-style Activity Camp (MAC) programme which was introduced in October 2010. 

Home for Life evaluation

The Centre for Social Research and Evaluation (CSRE) evaluated the Home for Life policy to examine the research evidence for the policy, how the policy was working (including short term safety and stability measures) and remaining barriers to children achieving a Home for Life.

Review of Child, Youth and Family complaints system

September 2013

The Government is considering options contained in an independent report to strengthen the Child, Youth and Family complaints process.

Former Police Commissioner Howard Broad authored the report, evaluating the current complaints process and identifying potential options.

Working Paper 01/13 Assuring retirement income

May 2013

Author: Tom Berthold

This paper addresses the problem of decumulation of savings in retirement. The decumulation problem is how to secure and draw down our retirement savings so as to maintain our relative standard of living, without running out of money.

Statistical Report 2012

July 2013

This report presents a range of information about the use of the services and financial assistance provided by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).

Social Developments – an organisational history of the Ministry of Social Development and its predecessors, 1860 - 2011

October 2012

Social Developments provides a history overview of MSD and its predecessors, beginning in the 1860s with the creation of the first pensions (for soldiers in the New Zealand Wars) and the establishment of New Zealand’s first ‘industrial school’. The history primarily covers the past forty years, and focuses less on political history and the impacts of policies, and more on organisational dynamics, departmental strategies, and the delivery of services. Socal Developments was written by Tim Garlick, Policy Analyst at the Ministry of Social Development.

Children’s contact with MSD services

October 2012

This factsheet examines the contact young people born in 1993 had with Ministry of Social Development (MSD) benefit, care and protection and youth justice services in childhood, and compares this cohort with those born more recently.

Vulnerable Children - Can administrative data be used to identify children at risk of adverse outcomes?

October 2012

This report provides further detail on the predictive risk modelling system outlined in the White Paper for Vulnerable Children. The research indicates that bringing together administrative data can significantly improve the identification of at-risk children by linking Ministry of Social Development (MSD) benefit, care and protection and youth justice data.

The Voice of Experience: Family Violence – Service User Involvement Guide

September 2012

This report provides guidance on ensuring the views and experiences of domestic violence survivors are central to the delivery of family violence services. 

It was commissioned by The Taskforce for Action on Violence within Families for groups or agencies working within the family violence area.

Household Incomes in New Zealand

August 2012

This edition updates last year's report through to June 2011.

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