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Supporting people to independence

Together, social housing, support and services help New Zealanders in need to move along the path to more independence in housing and all aspects of their lives.

Housing support for as long as it is needed

People in need should be able to access housing support for as long as they need it. Moving towards housing independence is a big step. When a person or family is ready, government agencies can provide support for them to rent or buy in the private sector. This frees up social housing for people in greater need.

The Ministry of Social Development carries out regular reviews to determine if tenants still need social housing. More than 1,000 households have moved to private rental housing or bought their own homes since 2014.

ASUP usage

More than 250,000 households use the Accommodation Supplement to help pay rent or board in the private market.

More than 33,000 homeowners use the Accommodation Supplement to help pay mortgages.

Support to move into private rental

Housing Support Products are available to help social housing tenants and applicants to move into the private rental market:

Bond grants: A maximum of four weeks rent up to $2,000.

Letting fees: Up to one week’s rent.

Moving assistance: Up to $1,500 assistance with moving house.

Tenancy costs: Up to four weeks’ rent to cover other costs associated with moving into a private rental.

Transition to alternative housing grant: Up to $3,000 to tenants or applicants who leave social housing or withdraw their applications in favour of acceptable alternative options.

Rent in advance: A payment of up to four weeks’ rent, if needed, to secure the property – non-recoverable.

Statement of satisfactory tenancy: A reference from the social housing provider.