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Household Incomes in New Zealand: trends in indicators of inequality and hardship 1982 to 2012

Revisions 27 February 2014

Statistics New Zealand and the Treasury have found an error in their estimates of household income in recent datasets provided to MSD and others. MSD has now received corrected datasets and has prepared revised tables and graphs for commonly used statistics in the 2013 Household Incomes Report.

Download the Key Points document. This gives a brief outline of the error and the impact of data revisions on key statistics in the Incomes Report.

Further information

For further information, download the What changes and what does not change document and the more detailed Revised Tables and Figures document.

The 2011 and 2012 reports have been removed from the website. The 2013 report and appendices remain but with health warnings on the front.

The 2013 Key Findings document has been replaced with an edited version which shows both the old and new figures and text.

2014 Household Incomes Report

The 2014 report is due in late June 2014.  It will incorporate all the data changes as well as giving an update using the latest 2012/13 data.

The original data error and corrected data

For more information about the original data error and on how to obtain corrected datasets see the Treasury and Statistics New Zealand websites:

Young professionals making coffee.


The following documents are available for download:

Household Incomes in New Zealand: Trends in Indicators of Inequality and Hardship 1982 to 2012

Jul 2013

Household Incomes in New Zealand: Key Findings - revised

Jul 2013

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