Reading to a child.

Service delivery cluster

Child, Youth and Family

Child, Youth and Family is the government agency that has legal powers to intervene to protect and help children who are being abused or neglected or who have problem behaviour.

Family and Community Services

Family and Community Services provides leadership and co-ordination of services and programmes that support families and encourages good relationships between government and community organisations that deliver services to families. Family and Community Services has regional offices in Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington and Christchurch.

Work and Income

Work and Income provides income support and employment services throughout New Zealand and offers a single point of contact for New Zealanders needing work-search support, income support and in-work support. Work and Income is divided into a network of 11 regions, each headed by a Regional Commissioner. Work and Income is a service line of the Ministry.

Students, Seniors and Integrity Services


StudyLink administers Student Allowances, Student Loans and Unemployment Benefit Student Hardship. StudyLink is a separate service line with a centralised processing centre located in Palmerston North, and six Outreach sites in the main university centres around New Zealand.

The Card Centre

The Card Centre administers the SuperGold and Community Services cards. It operates through a centralised processing unit based in Wellington.

SuperGold Card

The SuperGold Card is a free discounts and concessions card available to New Zealand residents who are aged 65 years or over, and those under 65 years receiving New Zealand Superannuation or the Veteran's Pension. This card allows its holders access to a wide range of business discounts and facilitates easy access to government and local council services, entitlements and concessions.

International Services

International Services delivers services such as assessment and payment of pensions to people who come to New Zealand from overseas, and assists New Zealanders who leave the country to obtain benefits and pensions overseas. International Services is also involved in negotiating social security agreements with other countries.

Veteran’s Pension Centre

The Veteran’s Pension Centre administers payment of Veteran’s Pension and operates from a centralised processing unit based in Wellington.

Integrity Services

Integrity Services works to reduce fraud and abuse, maximise debt collection, strengthen integrity and minimise risk across MSD.

Integrity Services includes:

  • National Fraud Investigation Unit
  • Collections Unit
  • National Programmes Centre.