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Getting in touch with us

This page will help you find the most appropriate people to answer your questions or respond to your comments.

Postal address

If you need to send us mail our postal address is:

Senior Services
Ministry of Social Development
PO Box 5054
Wellington 6145

Enquiries on New Zealand Superannuation and other entitlements for 65 plus

Contact phone number

Freephone 0800 552 002
Monday to Friday 8am-5pm

If calling from a cellphone use the number below. This is not a freephone number. Standard call charges apply.
Phone: 09 583 9909
Monday to Friday 8am-5pm


seniors@msd.govt.nz (Clicking on the email address may open an internet browser window. To avoid this you can copy and paste the address into an email window.)

Special discounts

Community Services Card

0800 999 999
Monday to Friday 8am-5pm
Website: http://www.workandincome.govt.nz/individuals/a-z-benefits/community-services-card.html
Email: csc_enquiries@msd.govt.nz

SuperGold Card 0800 25 45 65
Monday to Friday 8am-5pm
Email: information@supergold.govt.nz

Overseas Entitlements:  International Services

National phone number 0800 777 227
Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm
From Australia 1 800 150 479
Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm
Other international + 64 4 978 1180
Website: International Services
Email:  international.services@msd.govt.nz

Residential Subsidies

Residential Care Subsidy

0800 999 727
Monday to Friday 8am-5pm

Email: msd_rcs@msd.govt.nz

Residential Support Subsidy

0800 999 779
Monday to Friday 8am-5pm

Email: msd_rss@msd.govt.nz

Veteran's Pension

Contact phone number 0800 650 656
Monday to Friday 8am-5pm
Website: War Veterans
Email: veteranspension@msd.govt.nz
Find your local health and disability co-ordinator on this page.

Work and Income general enquiries

National phone number 0800 559 009
Monday to Friday 7am-6pm and Saturday 8am-1pm

International phone number

+64 9 913 0300
Monday to Friday 7am-6pm and Saturday 8am-1pm (NZ time)
Email: information@msd.govt.nz for general enquiries

If you would like to make a complaint, this page will help you with the process.

Contacting people in other service delivery arms of the Ministry

Hearing or Speech Impaired (or you find it hard to communicate by phone)

Deaf Link free-fax 0800 621 621
Telephone typewriter (TTY) 0800 111 113
Text message (SMS) 029 286 7170
  Website: Hearing or Speech Impaired
Email: MSD_Deaf_Services@msd.govt.nz
If English is your second language, this page will direct you to someone who can help you.

If you're paying back a debt, and are no longer on income support, please call 0800 558 008 (open Monday to Friday 7am-6pm).

All calls are recorded by the Ministry of Social Development to improve our service to you.  These calls are held securely by the Ministry. You can ask for access to your calls by dialling 0800 559 009.

If you have any privacy queries or concerns, please talk to us or write to:

Privacy Officer
Ministry of Social Development
PO Box 1556
Wellington 6140

Swimming ladies

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