Two children laughing.

Operating an OSCAR programme with one staff member

Exemptions can apply for the Approval to operate an OSCAR with one staff member. This can be made for a programme which has up to no more than 10 children.

Exemptions will only be made where the programme is able to provide assurance that staff and children's safety will be maintained.

Holiday Programmes and camps/overnight stays do not qualify for exemption.

Applications to be made in writing

Application for an exemption should be made in writing to the Approvals Regional Manager. This should describe how the provider intends to manage any risks, including but not limited to:

  • illness or incapacity of the sole staff member
  • medical emergency of a child
  • parental understanding of the staffing situation
  • risk to staff or children from allegations of abuse
  • supervision indoors and outdoors

The risk assessment should show evidence of understanding of the risks involved, the controls in place to minimise or mitigate the risks and management of any accidents or incidents affecting child or staff safety.

Application Form

Providers may apply using the application form or by letter. There are also a number of documents which must be included with the application. (See checklist below).

Providers are not able to operate with one staff member until they have received written approval for the exemption.

Note: If you are not already an OSCAR Approved provider and are applying for Approval for the first time as a sole charge provider you will also need to complete the standard OSCAR Application for Approval form.

Requirements to be covered in the application

Documents that must be included in the application are:

  • the name of the adult (20 years or older) back up person(s)
  • copy of the agreement with the back up person(s)
  • the phone contact number for the back up person(s)
  • police vetting for the back up person(s)
  • copy of proposed notification to parents and parental consent form
  • copy of the Risk Assessment (RAM)