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Applying for MSD accreditation

To apply for MSD accreditation an organisation must complete the accreditation application form and provide supporting documentation.

MSD accreditation is required for organisations seeking to deliver social services for many social sector agencies and is often necessary for contracting. However, accreditation does not give the right to a contract or funding of a service.

Filling in the application form

Our application forms are editable PDF documents. This means you can type directly into the form, select checkboxes and save the edited document.

Forms completed electronically will be accepted without a handwritten signature. Please ensure that the person authorising the application has typed their full name in the declaration on the application form and send the form from the organisation’s main email address.

If you have printed out and completed the application form by hand you can scan the document to email it to us.

When scanning a document please check the following:

  • handwriting has been printed clearly and can be easily read
  • the smallest text in the scanned document can be read clearly (we recommend a minimum scan setting of 200dpi).

Application details

Providers are accredited to deliver specific services. It is important to know what services you intend to deliver and therefore need to be accredited for. The type of services determines the level of compliance you will need to meet to gain accreditation.

It is important that an organisation applying for accreditation reviews the appropriate accreditation standards to ensure that compliance can be demonstrated.

The accreditation application will need to include:

  • information about the organisation
  • relevant documentation including financial viability
  • risk management information
  • strategic and business planning information.

Only complete documentation is able to be accepted as an application. Please ensure all relevant fields and requirements detailed in the application form have been completed or attached prior to sending.

Accreditation application process

If you have sent your application and supporting documentation in by email, you can expect to receive confirmation of receipt within 1 -2 working days.

If you have sent your application in by post, it will take longer for our team to receive and process this. You can expect confirmation of receipt within 3-4 weeks.

Your application for accreditation will then be reviewed by an Approvals Assessor to determine eligibility for assessment. Once it has been reviewed, we will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Two people looking at an accessible document
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