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Applying for Social Services Accreditation

SSA accredits the following social service providers:

  • organisations that are contracted to deliver social services for; Oranga Tamariki, Ministry of Social Development, Department of Corrections, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and Ministry for Pacific Peoples
  • organisations that provide inter-country adoption services
  • organisations that provide OSCAR programmes
  • persons, bodies or organisations as a community service for the purposes of the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989

SSA are unable to process applications for accreditation from organisations where the above criteria does not apply.

If your organisation has applied for a tender or a contract with one of SSA’s contracting agencies, if you are awarded the contract you will be given time to seek the required level of accreditation. You can send through your application for accreditation as soon as you have been awarded the contract or have an Intent to Contract letter. The tender will advise you what Level of accreditation is required.

Note: Accreditation does not guarantee funding from any government agency.

Accreditation application forms

Email the application form and supporting documentation to:

Or if you prefer to post your application, post it to:

Social Services Accreditation

PO Box 1556 Wellington


Filling in the application form

Fill out the application carefully and provide as much information as you can. This will assist us in processing the application.

You will be presented with prompts to guide your response to each standard. Further details are provided under Part B: Meeting the standards.

If additional space is required to complete an answer, please expand your answer in electronic versions of the application form, or attach an additional document to paper versions, clearly indicating which question you are answering. Please ensure all additional documentation is submitted with the completed application form.

For any questions about the application process and requirements, please email us at

Application details

It is important that an organisation applying for accreditation reviews the appropriate accreditation standards to ensure that compliance can be demonstrated.

An application will need to include:

  • information about the organisation
  • relevant documentation including financial viability
  • risk management information
  • strategic and business planning information.

Please ensure all relevant fields and documents have been provided when submitting the application.

Accreditation application process

Providers are required to complete an application form, provide the required documents. Level 1-3 providers require a site visit to be conducted.

Generally a site visit is not required for a level 4 provider.

We will confirm we have received your application within 10 working days of receipt.

Your application for accreditation will then be reviewed by an Assessor to determine if your organisation meets the Social Sector Accreditation Standards.

Once it has been reviewed, we will contact you to confirm the next steps.

CVCheck process for Sole Traders

If you are a Sole Trader and applying for accreditation you can complete the CVCheck process. CVCheck gathers a range of key information (including ID verification and criminal record check) about a person and evaluates this information. CVCheck can be completed at least every 3 years as part of maintaining your accreditation.

The result of the check needs to be forwarded, by you, to MSD.

Please note that there is a cost to completing the CVCheck process which will need to be covered by the applicant.

For more information about CVCheck see the link below, or alternatively you can contact CVCheck’s service team on 0800 282 432.

CVCheck Order Instruction Options:

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