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Accreditation Standards

About Social Sector Accreditation Standards

In 2015, government agencies jointly developed the Social Sector Accreditation Standards (SSAS). This is a core set of accreditation standards to test the capability and capacity non-government organisations have to safely deliver social services to New Zealanders.

To gain, and retain, accreditation, providers are assessed against the SSAS at a level indicative of the highest level of risk of the services they deliver. Where applicable, providers may also be tested against specialist standards.

Specialist Standards

(Find out more information on the Iwi Social and Community Services)

(Find out more information on the Level 3: OSCAR Approval process)

Each set of standards includes guidelines to assist providers in determining how to demonstrate compliance.

Before an assessment, an Accreditation Assessor will be in touch to explain which standards will apply to you. If you have any questions, please email

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